3 Must See Hot Springs in Iceland

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When it is freezing outside, there is nothing better than relaxing in a steaming pool while enjoying the phenomenal views of Iceland nature. That said, not all hot springs are created equal. So I’ve visited and rated 3 southern Iceland hot springs that can be visited and enjoyed.

The Blue Lagoon – A Tourist’s Gathering.

So if you are looking for local and authentic, this is not the place for you. That said, that does not mean that it is not an amazing experience. It is definitely worth a visit if you are staying in the capital. Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive, so keep that in mind. I would say that in order to get your money’s worth you should try and stay at least 2 hours. The good thing is that the pool is quite large with different sections, so you can float around and get a good soak. Also, included with your entrance is your first drink, a mud mask for your face and shoulders, and a towel. The facilities are nice and there are lockers that lock with your wristband.

Cost: 9990 ISK (around 82€ or $100)

Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool – A Mountain-side Retreat.

This is a 25-meter warmed still-water swimming pool that you will find to the west of the Skogar falls. You have to know where you are going in order to find this secret treasure. You need to look for the 242 highway off of route 1. Once you find it the road will curve to the right and straight ahead there is a dirt road. Take that and you’ll find a little lot to park. From there hike on the trail for about 15 minutes and you will find yourself the oldest still water pool in Iceland. Keep note that though there is a tube that pumps warm water into the pool, that does not mean it is hot. Be prepared, it is like a lukewarm bath…in freezing Iceland…but with amazing views.

Cost: Free

The Secret Lagoon – A Quaint, Authentic Hotsprings  

The Secret Lagoon is on the driving route of the Golden Circle. It is a smaller hot springs than the Blue Lagoon, it does not have multiple areas. However, this is actually kind of nice because it is more authentic and relaxing to not be surrounded by so many people. The water is soft and relaxing and it stands as a cheaper and less touristy option to the Blue Lagoon.

Cost: 2800 ISK (23€ or $28)

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