Top 5 Vegetarian Dishes to Try in Spain

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Hey guys, so when I moved abroad to Spain (as a vegetarian), a lot of people asked me what I was going to eat. But have no fear there are definitely options for those who don’t eat meat.

1. Tortilla

My number one choice was a hard one. For being known as the land of ham, you would think that most restaurants don’t have any vegetarian options. To the contrary, almost every single cerveceria has a dish called Tortilla. Now there are two options, Tortilla Española and Tortilla Francesa. The French one is a thin omelet, scrambled and usually put on a bocadillo (large sandwich). The other option is a hybrid of a quiche and a think omelet. Every restaurant makes it a little different. However, you can count on it having eggs, potatoes, and sometimes onions in it. For those who like their eggs overcooked like me, you might have to ask if it’s “hecho,” done. It is usually served plain with some bread on the side or on a bocadillo, either way, it is so delicious!


2. Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas are my go-to at any restaurant, for sharing and as a meal. Generally, the potatoes are cubed and then fried and then on top, you will find a scrumptious sauce. The sauce is generally made out of many ingredients ranging from red peppers, aioli, tomatoes, or sometimes a secret ingredient. The spiciness level also varies depending on where you go. Bravas are also often paired with an aioli mixture if you like mayonnaise I would also recommend that variation.


3. Calabacin con Miel

Funnily enough, when I first tried this dish it was at a Spanish tapas place in the US. Did you know that eggplant can be a dessert, or even better, a dessert tapa before your meal? Well, it can! The eggplant is breaded and is either seared or fried to crunchy perfection. Then sweet honey is drizzled on top and voila, the best vegetable you’ve ever had for dessert!


4. Croquetas

How do I describe croquetas? Fried happiness? Little nugget like balls of deliciousness. Croquetas can be made out of really anything, from cheese, mushrooms, fish, and Spain’s favorite ham. Ham croquetas are the most popular and most normal cerveceria won’t have ones without some sort of meat. However, if you find a more modern restaurant, chances are they might have ones made out of mushrooms or some other veggie. And let me tell yah, super super yummy!


5. Gazpacho

When I first found out what gazpacho was I was a little put-off, cold soup? How could that be good? But then I tried it and discovered that actually, it wasn’t so bad. And on a hot summer day, a refreshing dish can be exactly what you need. Be careful though, because most gazpachos are made out of tomato, but sometimes restaurants will sprinkle ham on it (I told you, Spaniards love their ham), so make sure to ask for it without carne.



So there you go guys, a little guide to help you eat your way around Spain!


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