Top 8 Iceland Travel Tips

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Hey guys, so you guys are planning, or thinking about traveling to Iceland, what a grand idea! I went there in April of 2018 and I am here to share all my knowledge with you guys. Enjoy!

1. Plan Ahead

If you want to go to Iceland next weekend and you don’t have a ticket yet, well then you might be in trouble. Depending on the season, sometimes flights may book up to six months in advance, same with tours. So plan ahead and think about when you want to go.


2. Budget Wisely

Though the WOW airline flight might be deceivingly cheap, do not go to Iceland if you only have $5 to your name. It is a very expensive country, 4th in the world, so plan to come with a little padding in your wallet. Click here to check out my article about ways to save money in Iceland.


3. Rent a Car

You have three options when it comes to transport in Iceland. One, you use public transportation, it is the most affordable option but it is also the most limiting. Two, you can use commercial or tourist services like tours to travel around with a guide. The problem with this is that it is extremely expensive and is not possible with a lower budget. And then you have the possibility of renting a car. This is the best option because it is affordable and it gives you the freedom to stay, leave, and explore whenever you want.


4. Have a GPS

Whether it is a smartphone or a GPS from the car rental, it is important to have a guide. The roads in Iceland are long, secluded, and narrow. It will take you a lengthy amount of time to drive around the surprisingly large island. You can not do the entire Ring Road in three days, and you can get lost if you rely only on road signs.


5. Make an Itinerary

Iceland is not a country where you hop on a plane, arrive, and wing it. Though it may sound like a good plan, it might not work out very well. Tours and activities sometimes fill up months in advance and most sites are spread apart. You should know where you are going and how much time you are spending there. If you are planning your trip, do some research. Look up the top activities that you want to do and buy the tickets ahead of time. What lagoon are you going to visit? Do you want to pay to dive where the tectonic plates meet? Do you want to walk on a glacier? And why you may want to do all those things, keep in mind that they are very costly, so choose only your favorites.


6. Be Prepared

Iceland literally has “ice” in the name of its country, so when I say, bring a jacket, you might understand why. Gloves, hat, scarf, and a raincoat are all essential things to bring with you on your journey to Iceland. The only thing that changes with the seasons is the weight of the jacket. A good thing to do as your trip gets closer is to do a little research on what kind of weather there might be during your trip and to pack accordingly.


7. Grocery Shopping is Your Friend

This tip is not only good for your wallet, but it is also recommendable to those who have limited diets. If you do not eat meat or fish, it can be difficult to find restaurants in the sparsely populated land of ice. So, I would recommend to save money and to make life a little easier, that you head to the nearest supermarket.


8. Be Careful

The views and nature are beyond phenomenal and beautiful in Iceland. Though all the sites like their pictures being taken, that does not mean that all photos are safe to take. On the black sand beaches, the waters and currents can be quite dangerous and can sweep a person away in its grasp.

Another thing to be wary of is driving. Though Icelanders drive on the right-hand side of the road like the majority of the world. Some roads, especially in winter can be extremely treacherous and scary. Check out to get up-to-date news on road closures and delays.


So grocery shop, plan, and enjoy your trip!

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